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Salem Reborn is coming back, but you don't have to wait to see your favorite characters once more. Catch the show from the very beginning and relive every twist and turn all over again.

The shocking death that starts it all.

Roman stands in the study of the DiMera Mansion. He looks at the back of a yellow chair, which has a black hole in it. Then Roman walks around the chair and looks down at the body slumped there -- Stefano DiMera.

New faces.

Abby appears to be sneaking down a hall. Someone clasp a hand over her mouth and drags her down the hall. She turns her head to look up into the face of a man with dark curly hair and blue-grey eyes (Richard Madden).

Now it's Abby and a young man in cover-alls (Chris Lowell) are looking at something on the ground. Then the man pulls Abby to a motorcycle. He hops on board and yells something at her. She hesitates, but then climbs on behind it. The man guns the engine and the motorcycle takes off across a dusty path.

A dark-haired, Latina (Rosa Blasi) has a hand on Sonny's shoulder. She marches him the Salem PD with a determined look on her face.

A redhead (Amy Davidson) lowers a glass and gives someone a seductive smile.

A muscular man in a tight exercise shirt and shorts (Alex Meraz) shoves a blond woman (Britt Robertson), who is wearing only a lacy bra and panties, against a wall. He raises her arms over her head and they kiss passionately.

And shocking twists

A blond-haired woman, her face hidden by dark glasses and a hat enters a church. Across the room, EJ turns and his eyes widen in surprise.

Shane ducks down beside the edge of a van and raises a gun.

The curly-haired man hands Abby a motorcycle helmet then turns around. His back is turned for only an instant, but it is long enough for Abby to raise the helmet and slam it against the back of his head. He crashes to the ground.

Hope and Lexie are seated in the living room of Abe and Lexie's house. Hope says she'll do whatever Lexie needs. Lexie replies, "Good. I may need you to kill me."

Will and Sonny are facing one another on the pier. "I'm giving you exactly what you want," Will says as he presses forward and gives Sonny a hard, forceful kiss. Sonny seems surprised, but then begins to respond in kind.

On a video monitor, music blasting behind him, Stefano DiMera raises a glass and toasts the camera. "I give my final salute to the victor," he says. "Whichever of you it shall be."

Salem Reborn. Rebroadcasting now. Only on Soap TV
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