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I enjoy DeVanity. It is definitely designed to be over-the-top and is clearly inspired by Dynasty and the 80s prime-time soaps. The plots are silly and outrageous, but definitely in the style of those old shows. The production quality is quite good, particularly the direction, and I enjoy a lot of the dialogue.

The acting is the show's biggest problem. Other than Michael Caruso, who plays the fish-out-of-water lead, the original cast of actors are not very strong. When Kyle Lowder first appeared, it was pretty shocking how superior an actor he was to most of the cast. Ari Zucker only appeared for a few scenes in season three, but they were enjoyable. And Gordon Thomson, who also appeared a few times in season three, has been hilariously evil as their father.

The other issues with the show are that it feels like after each short season of episodes, it has to completely reset -- likely due to the availability of actors -- and it has quickly pulled out a lot of soap cliches (e.g., in three seasons, multiple characters have already returned from the dead), but if you don't get too hung up on the plot contrivances, it is a lot of fun. You might try watching a few early season one episodes to learn the main characters, the season two cliffhanger, and then watch season three. Each episode is only about 10-15 minutes, so it is not a huge investment of time.
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