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Jun 16 2013, 06:12 PM
Any guesses for the big WTF Moment will be this year? My guesses either Lindsey Morgan or Bryton stealing the Youngers. Its usually the Younger categories that something crazy happens. Days isn't up for Writing. Maybe Y&R winning Best Writing would be a WTF Moment.
If Peggy McCay wins, I think that many people will (wrongly) consider that to be a "WTF?!" moment. However, I think that she has a very good chance of winning -- not just because her reel is actually quite good, but also because I suspect that the B&B actresses might split the vote between them and allow a dark horse to take the win.

If anyone other than Chandler wins in his category, that will not only be the biggest "WTF?!" moment of this year, but also the biggest "WTF?!" moment in recent memory, period. I highly doubt that will happen, though. Despite my obvious bias, I'm not exaggerating when I say that such an upset would throw the credibility of the entire night into question. His reel wasn't just the best in his category -- it blew some of the reels in other categories out of the water, too.
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