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"I like to be on top, Darling." - John Ross/Pamela

So how does she feel about John now?

There was always some attraction towards him, because of the past, but basically, he was a tool. She was using him as a means to an end. Now, I don't think she has much use for him, period.

Good to know! John/Kristen always sucked anyway. They only got interesting when she started to plot to keep J&M apart but those days are over as John/Kristen hooking up goes. But I hope she won't give up her vendetta against Marlena entirely.

With Brady reeling from the reveal that their romance was a scheme, Nicole has been there for him. How will Kristen handle it if those two get back together?

Probably not too well. (laughs) Ari [Zucker, Nicole] and I love working together and we were working together a lot over the last few months. It's been fun.

YES, YES!!! Loving Kricole a lot! Lol. I love any girl fight that Kristen will get into. Just as long the other woman wins of course. :flipoff:
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