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Jun 16 2013, 10:24 PM
Jun 16 2013, 10:17 PM
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Jun 16 2013, 10:10 PM
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Yeah, if Days manages to keep up with the momentum they gained early this year then they should be pretty big competition for next year's Daytime Emmy's.
Like I said before, Days can have a sucky, sucky year....with one major drama filled event, and win the Emmy on the reel alone.....frankly it's just sad.....IMHO I think that next year if GH doesn't win it with the stuff they had going on around the nurses ball, with Stavros and people getting shot, dying, etc...then I would think they were robbed......if anything Days deserved it for writing a set of events that were put together in a submission reel to the academy.....can ANYONE think of what ELSE occurred on Days last year aside from the cliffhanger?
How is this any different than B&B creating social conscience episodes that were written specifically to score Emmy wins and consequently locking the Drama Series category up for three straight years when they weren't at their creative best, or GH's one big explosion-filled event that they do each year to score Emmy wins?

Oh, right. It isn't.

And yes, I can think of plenty of things that occurred on Days last year. Everything that happened in Will's storyline, for starters (which wasn't even featured in either of the two episodes in their reel).
I'm sorry but I disagree...Will had a story (the coming out), Gabi had a story with Mel/Andrew/Chad and the explosions that caused the Daysaster, Wabi had a story (the baby's conception) and then Wilson had a few scenes...they haven't had a 'story'....what exactly have they done but get together? Nothing...and that doesn't make a story. THIS YEAR I would say they have had more story than last year and they are about to embark on even more story...but last year...Wilson had nothing and I've been waiting for something for them since they started flirting with the idea.

And let me make myself clear, I'm not criticizing Days for doing a set of 'events' that might get them an Emmy...what I'm criticizing is last year's attempt to do that....they had ONE event.....ONE....at the very least give me a few in the year block them around sweeps periods, then your chances of 'winning' become greater.....lol....for what it's worth, I think they'd done a better job of that this year.....they've started the year with a bunch of things that can get them another emmy win next year....in Jan they had the Wabi baby reveal, then May had the Nabi fallout, Jensen and the Will shooting/Ari's birth....now this month the Bernardi shooting.....obviously the year is still many months from ending and we have at least one more major sweeps period left that they might decide to throw something in....
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