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As I understand it, MarDar originally conceived and mapped out the entire Daysaster sequence. But then TomSell came in and changed the ending -- you know, a few minor details like who lived and died. LOL! Same for Daniel and Nicole. That was a storyline that had gone on for months prior -- throughout most of Nicole's pregnancy. TomSell came in and changed up the ending, and I'm pretty sure at the time of that multi-day sequence there was a lot of virtual eye-rolling and unintentional humor that was cited here at DR, with several viewers calling BS on the entire way it was handled. Other than Ari's performance, I don't recall anybody calling that episode being award-worthy for the show.

I'm all for shows getting recognized for outstanding work. But Days was not outstanding as a show last year. I worry that rewarding them for mediocrity only reinforces more mediocrity. People can dismiss me as a "hater," but in fact I'm not. I really would like to be proud of the show again -- and to see it in the hands of talented, caring show-runners who deserve the accolades and have worked hard to earn them.

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