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Jun 16 2013, 10:54 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepChrishell7: Days of Our Lives wins Best Outstanding Drama!!! Going to be AMAZING for team moral come Monday w/ @Ali_Sweeney directing!
I know, I don't get how him making an ass of himself affects the morale on set......plus wasn't he around late last week with Sweeney directing already? Meh
That's what they said. And he's hanging out with all of them now. It might be an issue between him and TPTB, but not anyone on set.
I can see TPTB having issues with what he said, particularly the 'needanewgig' hashtag he added to his tweet. Actors have said on twitter that they need more air time, rallied their fans to write in/call/tweet in to Days in support of their character, Drake mentioned how he was having trouble understanding John's actions.....but I haven't heard of any actor pretty much say that they would like a new gig and then go on to say that the show apparently doesn't have a story for their character for a while....I am not sure what's up, maybe they have started contract negotiations and it's not going very well so he is frustrated and pissed about that and decided to take it to twitter....not a smart move to add the hashtag but that's about the only thing he did wrong I think...
Yeah, I think if I was his employer I'd be pissed at his obnoxious tweet.

If I was his coworker, I'd think he was an idiot but I'd probably pretend like I didn't even see the tweet, go on about my business, & let him worry about his own ass.
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