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Jun 17 2013, 02:41 AM
Jun 17 2013, 02:38 AM
Writers don't win awards when shows win for Outstanding Drama Series. So neither MarDar or TomSell won anything with this win. But they each wrote an episode if you want to give them credit that way. The Emmys don't recognize either group.
I know but since the cast and crew all went up to receive the award I just wondered if TomSell were there as well. Basically I'm just trying to establish that the whole Higley/Macpherson plane trip was just a rumor.
Has Gary Tomlin ever left his cave? Is Gary Tomlin even a real human being? I don't think he's actually been sighted since he was with OLTL. There were like 40 people on stage so its hard to say, but I definitely didn't see Tomlin and I have absolutely no clue what Whitesell even looks like. I saw some of the directors/producers and Bruce Evans though.
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