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Why is there a debate if they deserved it? This isn't a new format. GH, B&B and Y&R have had entirely shitty years and submitted great episodes that they wrote strictly as Emmy bait and WON. Year after year. I don't believe for one second Days wrote either of those episodes as Emmy bait. Most years Days reel isn't even competitive and apparently this year they had enough to get the job done. I'm surprised B&B or OLTL didn't take it, but Cartini are absolutely poisonous to their shows around Emmy time (even though I love them, sometimes).

GH just choose stupid shows for their reels. They had much better material but choose the baby swap with Sam and Tea that also had Anthony Z being carried around like it was Weekend at Bernie's. GH basically eliminated themselves from the competition with that reel. Their second episode was better, but it was still over the top. Jerry Jack poisoning the water in PC and everyone dying. The only saving grace was the amazing John Ingle's last scenes where he sacrifices himself for Emma and all of the stuff with Jane Elliot.

And Y&R just sucks and they submitted the Victor funeral that everyone panned as it was happening. Y&R just had a horrible year so I'm not sure they really had material to compete with anyone. I would have guessed Days in 3rd place but I definitely picked B&B to win it. I was FLOORED, but there isn't even a debate about deserving in this format.
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