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Thoughts on the show as a whole (since nobody asked and I'm bored lol)

It's just a prerequisite that the Daytime Emmy Telecast has to lame and ridiculous. Sad but true. There was a lot of WTFery to the show but I kinda get off on the insanity and I felt like this years show wasn't as bad as usual. Sure as shit beat the CW year! The glitches were there of course but everyone seemed to play off each other well and even kinda make fun of the fact that this is usually a train wreck so lets just do the damn thing. The wrong envelope for one award, Robin Meade bitching in the background yelling if people could here her talk cuz her song was playing (they could hear the song if you'd shut the hell up!), those GOD AWFUL interviews after the wins, etc etc. It's comical but sad. But leave it to Corbin to save one segment!! That was hysterical. And Carrie Fisher .... Man, what a mess! Some of the best parts of the show was when the camera would catch Kathy Griffin eating up the chaos. Gotta love it!
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