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So glad there are a few spoilers (thanks Rick!) and commentary here! I didn't know where to go to talk about it. :)

Last night's show was really interesting.

They seemed to have calmed Tara down a bit...because she was such a pissy, combative bitch last season, I was surprised to hear her a bit soft spoken and almost sweet to Pam and Sookie. Weird though.

And Eric was unusually cold to Pam. Almost angry at her and I don't know if I remember why he is.

I like Eric and Sookie scenes, so I hope that they continue to interact even if not in a romantic sense. And am I the only one that remembers Sookie walking into Fangtasia the first time wearing a little yellow sundress? Not a white one? I just watched season 1 a few months ago, so I was wondering if I was missing something.

I almost liked Andy Bellefleur's scenes with Arlene...and I can't stand Andy. I had totally forgotten his fairy mamma had a litter of his kids. Cute scene between Terry/Arlene/Andy.

I like badass Jason Stackhouse, but his scene with Warlow freaked me out. Knowing Sookie has a freaky scary ghost after her, why did she kick Eric out?

The Bill-ith thing is very intriguing and I think this is where the show will get good. The ending freaked me out too.

Can't wait for this season!
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