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Sammie Jo
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Jun 17 2013, 10:27 AM
Sammie Jo
Jun 13 2013, 12:20 PM
Sharon doesn't care for Nick and Avery's relationship.

Who died and made her in charge of relationships?
Last seen she was back to her ole spread her legs lifestyle, clopping up the stairs to a stranger's hotel room.
Yeah, she definitely has the right to have a say in other people's relationships. :flipoff:

Billy is persuaded by Jill not to give up on his marriage to Victoria.

well crap, as much as Victoria has neutered Billy, I hate to see them break up and make Victor right about Billy. OTOH, if Billy wants to save his soul, he should dump Victoria before he knocks her up.
It seems sleeping with random strangers she picks up in bars isn't enough to keep Sharon busy. So she nominated herself relationship expert for the Newman brothers? Hopefully, Nick won't be a harsh as Adam was when he tells her to get lost!
Not too mention the town buttinski, she and traci should team up, start a business together, The Blabbing Blondes! lol
Maybe Sharon should be the one to tell Jack that Summer is his daughter, no doubt she'll find the crumpled up DNA test on the floor.
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