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Meh, it's based on a couple of reels. I can imagine the Daysaster doing well though. I'm guessing Jack was in the episode submitted. :) I barely watch Days, because it's not very interesting to me lately. The show just isn't making me care about the characters or their relationships. I used to be into EJami, but the show didn't even milk the drama potential before sticking them together. Most of the characters are just too bland. I guess there's Kristen, but I've never been very interested in her. I like Nicole, but she's got to finally get a love story that flies. Her credibility is already questionable. I'm not sure they're playing the Eric stuff as well as they could be. Maybe JJ will manage to be interesting if he doesn't just play angst for Dannifer (they are so boring!) and then start feeling the love after Dan miraculously puts his liver back in or something. But anyway, I suppose their reels were decent. I don't watch the other shows much, but I've always thought YR to be incredibly dull. How does it do so well? I don't get it.
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Days got an Emmy for best daytime drama! · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion