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Jun 17 2013, 11:07 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deephttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yDsQyDdsag
It's the ridiculas writing of this show that men line up to worship Sami while she jumps from bed to bed and cheats on all of them and treats them like dirt, yet Nicole who will be faithful and outshines Sami in every way-they aren't allowed to fall in love with.

It's almost like the writers are kissing a certain ego's ass with this nonsense.

The difference to me is that Sami only sleeps with guys she has feelings for and are in some kind of relationship with. So to me it is fine. On the other hand, Nicole can jump in bed with any random guy. I think it cheapens her and she could be so much better than that.

For the record, Nicole has slept with more guy than Sami who has been on the show longer than her. In a little over year, NIcole has gone from Ej to lusting for Rafe, then hooking up with Daniel and lusting for Eric and hooking with Vargas and now she is doing Brady again.

As for Sami, she was married to Rafe, slept with Ej, then had a fling Lucas (father of two of her kids whom she used to be married to) and is now engaged to Ej and therefore sleeping with him. Nicole wins hands down in the slutty department.
Cheating on your husband is worse.

Lets not confuse attraction for sleeping with either. She hasn't slept with Rafe or Eric, so why include them?

Also, Sami HAS slept with other men (her total isn't 3); just not recently.

I know cheating is worst. Nicole has cheated too on Lucas and on Victor and so have most leading females on the show which would include hope and Marlena.

When I say three men, I meant in the recent past, a year or so.
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