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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

Jun 18 2013, 02:15 AM
Here's the house tour video.


"The two nomination chairs are gone and that has to do with our twist. What I can tell you about the twist this season is that America will play a role where it affects nominations. In past seasons it's been 'Do you want the houseguests eating sardines for a week?' or 'Do you want them eating PB&J?' This year, America's role is much bigger and it affects the game because it's going to affect nominations every week. America's role is so big this summer that even before we start the game, America's going to be asked to do something that will affect the nominations."

"This summer, there will be 16 new houseguests but out of the 16 there will be 1 familiar face. It's not what you think though..." (Survivor alum?)
That was my first thought. I think someone else mentioned that a few days ago too. I haven't watched Survivor in awhile though. No clue who could/might be.
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