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Jun 18 2013, 12:40 AM
Jun 17 2013, 10:42 AM
If Chandler Massey leaves I wish him the best of luck but I will be so sad. :'( But as much as I love Freddie Smith and Wilson....I'd rather they both just left and be happy. I don't want to see anyone else play the role of Will. I just don't. Just like I don't want to see anyone else as Jack or Steve. Those actors made the characters and I don't think I could stand to see anyone else as Will now. I'd rather they just left and hopefully Freddie Smith moves on to better and bigger things. Then maybe I could not obsess over this show quite so much and do other things with my time. :$
I see no need for Sonny to be written off the show if Chandler ends up leaving. Freddie is doing a great job as Sonny, especially lately. Sonny is also the next generation of the Kiriakis family who, imo, needs more story (loving them lately!) because they are a great addition to the show. I'm going to miss seeing WilSon as I know them and definitely Chandler as Will but Freddie shouldn't be fired just because Chandler probably wants to leave.
Well I don't want him to be fired. :ermm: I was just kind of hoping he'd leave on his own. I'm selfish. I just hate seeing my favorite couples split up is all. Jack and Jennifer. Steve and Kayla. I just hate it. I like happy endings. I can't see anyone taking CM's place and so that means that if FS stays the couple breaks up or Will dies....or someone else takes over the role and that may suck, and really I just don't want to see Sonny with anyone besides Will, and no one else will be Will for me. But if FS wants to stay I guess I'll hopefully get over it. I really don't want him fired if he wanted to stay. :-/
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