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Jun 18 2013, 07:04 AM
Jun 18 2013, 04:40 AM
I'd far rather it be a Brady/Nicole/Eric triangle than a Kristen/Brady/Nicole triangle. I want Nicole to be wanted and chased for once and not her doing the chasing.
Problem is, while Eric remains a priest he can't do any chasing, and so if there is any daydreaming to be had they have Nicole doing it. So far, they are showing more and more that Nicole is in love with Eric, even saying the words out loud, but Eric has said to father Matt that he is not in love with Nicole but, he loves her. So, They have made it plain how Nicole feels about Eric, but it is any body's guess how Eric really feels about Nicole. Yes, there are moments that he appears jealous, and you do see that he cares for her, but is he in love with her? I would rather if it was the other way around that Eric was the one that was in love with and expressing these feelings to the audience and Nicole remained unaware of how he felt about her.

Instead they bring him on as a priest and Nicole has to be the one to do the heavy lifting, in the sense that she has to be the one expressing feelings, she is the one that has to have the sexual fantasies, and she is the one that has to save Eric when there is any saving to be done.

As for Brady, since he is still in love with Krsiten why would he chase Nicole. They have already re-established that they are best friends, and obviously best friends with benefits. According to the spoilers idiot Brady is already softening towards Kristen and it is not even a week since they broke up.

I would also rather if it was a Brady/Nicole/Eric triangle but, I can't see that being all that interesting if Eric remains a priest and Brady still have feelings for Kriisten and I don't want a Kristen/Brady/Nicole triangle. it just seems in both scenarios Nicole will come out the loser, but the writers do like to write her as the one that loses everything, they obviously don't believe in Nicole ever being happy and getting what she wants. I guess to them it creates more drama, while Nicole fans once again gets disappointed with the turn of her story or lack thereof.

I feel you! It's really messed up. They have the potential for a good story but they've ruined it before it got a chance. I'm just sick of Nicole chasing after men who aren't interested whether it's Brady/Eric/Daniel/EJ, I don't care. Enough already!
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