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While I don't doubt that CM wants a degree at some point, I don't believe that is his main reason for leaving. His passion is acting and I'm sure he wants a chance to explore other opportunities. CM is young, has two Emmys, well deserved acting praises, and should at least try to see if he can do other TV shows, movies, or theatre. He also has his band with Casey, which even though it's not mainstream music, they could do well within the market for their genre.

It's like when Steve Burton said he left GH to spend time with family, but then went to YR. I think CM is using the college degree excuse so that fans will be more understanding and not upset. Could be a negotiating tactic as well, but I wouldn't be surprised if he really wants to leave. Of course I wish CM would stay!!! It will be a big loss for sure when/if he leaves. I am glad that we had CM to perform all challenging material that he has been given. Many people complained about the writing for Will throughout the WABI baby story and I'd be surprised if he was happy with it. He did a great job with what he was given though.

I don't mind a recast but I'd rather it not happen right away. Maybe have a new love interest for Sonny for awhile and then bring in a Will recast.
At least we still have another 8-9 months before CM's material stops airing.
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