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Jun 18 2013, 09:54 AM
What a great episode. Marlena vs Adrienne. Someone should remind Adrienne that she is a Johnson, if I remember correctly and a Kiriakis. Not a good combination. She has some valid points, but her trashing Will and Sami like that.

Ejami continue to make me SMILE. Alison and James are LOVING their SL. More please.

I donīt understand the debate about Sami and Nicole. BOTH are messed up individuals. What have Ej and Daniel gotten out of a relationship with Nicole? She was trying to send EJ to jail and lied to Daniel. Brady? She tried to kill Victor. She watched Ej mourn a child, that was never his, then she passed another off as Rafe, knowing that Rafe already tried to keep another child from Ej. Itīs only a matter of time before she hurts Eric. If he was smart, heīd run.

And why not blame Lucas for the end of LUMI too? He told Sami she had unresolved feelings for EJ, then proceeded to jump into bed with her. He is not a victim.

Kind of random Lucas mention in this debate but whatever.....

Who said he was a victim? The blame can go around equally....after he told her that about her having feelings for Ej, Sami didn't explore those feelings right then and there did she? NO...on the contrary what did she do? When she found out he was going back to HK that very day they had the talk about the feelings, she went out of her way, cancelled his plane ticket and made sure that he at least didn't make his flight. He got back to the pub, spoke with her, confirmed it was Sami who had cancelled it and then asked her why she did it? She told him that she didn't want him to leave Salem, that she didn't want to be alone, yada, yada....then she proceeded to offer him the job at CW to keep him even closer, until ultimately his fiancee broke it off and whatever Sami wanted she got. Then after they slept together, he was clear and asked her about sleeping with her best friend and the friends with benefits thing....and she looked pretty horrified that he might want to break up. She told him that they had already talked about that, why was he bringing it up again...he just wanted to set the record straight...etc....and she agreed that it wasn't that, it was way more....

Let's not pretend that it was so one sided...MarDar's writing left a lot to be desired but it wasn't so cut and dry....Sami fucked up by running away with EJ to prove his innocence...she didn't think of her children over EJ....that is what broke Lumi's relationship up, it wasn't LUcas' doing at all.....especialy when she had given him enough signs that she wanted to be with him.......I'm not saying it was not on shaky ground when she was telling Lucas Ej was innocent and she would prove it....but the relationship didn't end until Sami decided to go on the run with Ej...even Ali Sweeney said that she knew that it was over and that Sami realized that it would be over and that is why she rationalized that it was okay for Sami to move on to Ej at that point and kiss him and all in the safe house...problem was those scenes made Sami look rather trashy because before the next day, she was already staring into Rafe's eyes and wondering what could be with him....
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