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In honor of Bryan Datillo’s 20th anniversary with Days of Our Lives, we asked for your favorite Lucas memories. Lucas has been off and on screen a lot over the years, but due to his varying relationships on the show, there always seems to be a place for Lucas. In the last twenty years Lucas has: been married four times, fathered two children, killed a man, been in a coma, and become a grandfather. Here’s a look at your top ten favorite Lucas moments!

10. Bill is revealed as Lucas’s father
April 11, 1994
We start our list with a relatively early Lucas scene. This scene aired just before Bryan’s first anniversary with the show. The show had been building Kate’s secret(s) for quite a while, and with the return of both Bill and Laura Horton, it wasn’t long before all was revealed. It hadn’t been that long since the Austin/Billie reveal, so Lucas went from an only child to the youngest of five very quickly! This scene would be special for Lucas no matter what the other circumstances, but it’s made all the more special when Alice talks about the connection she felt with him. And with that, Lucas was officially tied to the most important family in Salem.

9. Lucas “confesses” to killing Curtis
March 4, 1994
This clip is actually even older than the first, and it provides a great context for Lucas’s relationship with Kate. Their relationship has had its ups and downs over the years, to say the least, but here we get a glimpse at the foundation of their connection.

8. Lucas begs Sami not to die
January 9, 1997
This is the first of several clips surrounding the Lumi relationship. This is the early days, though. It’s before the vicious custody battle, the blackmails, the forgiveness, and the eventual relationship. At this point Sami and Lucas are still just two scheming friends. Of course at this time, they’re not aware that they share a child. No, this is back when the two of them only had each other as friends, and the thought of losing that was too much for Lucas.

7. Lucas discovers Carrie’s affair
September 25, 2006
Be careful what you wish for. This was a lesson Lucas learned the hard way. After a particularly hard break up with Sami, Lucas set his sights back on the first Brady sister that caught his eye. Lucas had had a crush on Carrie from the beginning, but she was too enamored with his older brothers. Fresh off of Carrie’s divorce from Mike, Lucas got his chance. Due to some manipulations from Sami, Carrie opted to give Lucas a chance. Marriage with the “perfect” sister turned out not to be at all what Lucas expected, especially since her feelings for Austin were very much still there. Lucas eventually caught them making out on the roof (which Will was missing!) and read them the riot act.

6. The Green Wedding
May 10, 2007
The third time was the charm (or so it seemed). After two failed weddings, Lucas and Sami finally made it to the church, down the aisle, through the vows, and in an unprecedented move...actually made it to the reception. And that’s where things went downhill. EJ showed up, and he and Kate presented a nice little picture of Sami in the car with EJ the night Sami had supposedly saved Lucas’s life. No stranger to major reveals at weddings, Sami immediately went into groveling mode. But in a defining moment for the couple, Lucas proved his love for her.

5. Will’s Paternity
The end of this particular has shown up in more than one of our countdowns for multiple reasons. Nearly two years after his birth, the truth of Will’s paternity finally came out. This drastically changed the dynamics of the Carrie/Austin/Sami/Lucas quad. Suddenly, Lucas and Sami weren’t scheming best friends. This reveal was the catalyst for the next six years of story.

4. Lucas and Sami teach Will to dance
October 21, 2003
This moment was also on our top ten list for Sami. It happened during a pivotal time for the Lumi relationship. They still weren’t quite ready to truly be together, but they were struggling to hide their feelings. In this scene, they teach their son to dance. The connection between the two is evident. They obviously realize this and immediately try to play it down. A major change in their dynamic was on the horizon.

3. Death Row
Sami was on death row for having killed Franco. She was innocent, but thanks to Kate, all the evidence pointed to her. Lucas and Kate had fought back and forth over letting Sami take the fall, but Kate had constantly assured him that Sami would not actually die. As the third part of her lethal injection began, Lucas burst through the doors and confessed to the murder. The show ended on Lucas’s devastated face as he realized he’d been too late while all hell broke loose behind him amongst Sami’s family. Of course, Sami lived. And actually, Lucas’s confession (which was later retracted) wasn’t even what saved her. But no matter how it turned out, that was one dramatic minute of television!

2. Lucas relinquishes custody of Will
March 9 and 12, 2001
I typically try not to add in too much of my own commentary during these countdowns, but I don’t think I can be very objective about the next clip. This set of scenes includes some of my top favorite Days scenes ever. I am not a fan of custody stories, but sometimes during those stories you end up with scenes like these. Lucas’s defiance and desperation are prevalent in these scenes. His love for his son and his anguish at having to give him up are central. Even better, his odd relationship with Kate gets a lot of focus as she blackmails him, he attempts to defy her, she threatens to strip him of everything, and he slaps her, all leading to the final moment where he breaks down in her arms. Shortly after this he would be offscreen in a coma for a while. He certainly went out with a bang.

1. Lucas proposes
August 5, 2004
Lucas had already proposed to Sami more than once, but she refused to say yes until he did it right. With some help from Julie, Lucas came up with something to satisfy her. Lucas sang “When a Man Loves a Woman” to her as the viewers were treated to a montage with eleven years of Lumi. The episode ended with him asking on bended knee. She said yes...about half way through the next episode!

Finally, here are a few honorable mentions.

Lucas disowns Kate...again
It’s really not a list of top Lucas moments if it doesn’t include Lucas disowning Kate.

Mickey’s death
Lucas’s relationship with Maggie has been an important part of truly integrating him into the Horton family. She spent years supporting him; here he got the chance to support her.

Will comes out to his parents
Lucas’s loving and understanding reaction to his son’s coming out was exactly what his fans had wanted. This hasn’t stayed consistent, but the initial scenes were perfect.

Alice’s funeral
Finally, Lucas places a picture of Tom next to Alice’s picture at her memorial. It was a simple gesture that meant a lot to his family and to Days fans.

As always, feel free to discuss the scenes and others in this thread. Our next countdown will be more storyline related. Let us know if you have any ideas!
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