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S loves EJ

Jun 18 2013, 10:50 AM
Jun 18 2013, 09:54 AM
What a great episode. Marlena vs Adrienne. Someone should remind Adrienne that she is a Johnson, if I remember correctly and a Kiriakis. Not a good combination. She has some valid points, but her trashing Will and Sami like that.

Ejami continue to make me SMILE. Alison and James are LOVING their SL. More please.

I donīt understand the debate about Sami and Nicole. BOTH are messed up individuals. What have Ej and Daniel gotten out of a relationship with Nicole? She was trying to send EJ to jail and lied to Daniel. Brady? She tried to kill Victor. She watched Ej mourn a child, that was never his, then she passed another off as Rafe, knowing that Rafe already tried to keep another child from Ej. Itīs only a matter of time before she hurts Eric. If he was smart, heīd run.

And why not blame Lucas for the end of LUMI too? He told Sami she had unresolved feelings for EJ, then proceeded to jump into bed with her. He is not a victim.

why drag lucas to deabte you have on nicole and sami

lucas did not jump into bed with sami it been over month sami denied she have unresolved feelings for EJ.and yet it was not even day after sami chose rafe over ej and broke off over gabi and ej jump to bed with sami.and believe the bullshit sami told him after he find out sami chose rafe first

I think it made Lucas looked stupid for breaking up with Autum for Sami just to have her leave him for EJ, and for getting involved with her when he know she had unresolved feelings for EJ. Lucas should have known better than to believe her when she denied it, still it made Sami look a lot worse, but itīs really the writhers fault they should have made a decision between Lumi and Ejami before putting Lumi back together. I get that they was trying to please more than one fanbase at the time but that only works for a short period of time itīs not a long term solution.
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