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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Great job! I knew Lysie's favorite moment and my favorite would be the same....and if there is one scene that should beat it, it's probably the 2004 Lumi proposal.....awesome write ups BTW!

It's not because I'm a fan...but these scenes just show exactly how great of a character Lucas is and marginalizing him just makes absolutely no sense. Bryan is a very good actor, that knows his character and always tries to step above some of the crappy writing he's gotten through the years. What makes Lucas so good is that he is very easily redeemable....he's a TRUE GREY character, he can do good and bad and still come out on top in a BELIEVABLE way....without an outlandish plot point to make it happen.

I hate that this show continues to shit on Bryan and the character he plays. Hoping that changes soon, and he'll be given a story worth our time. As for pairings for Lucas, I think he's always put in the same boat as Jack is...for whatever reason, the Jennifers and Samis of the world can always have other love interests but Lucas and Jack can't....at least not ones that are written that way. I want that to change...I want to see a love for Lucas that gives to him as much as he gives to her. If it's Sami again, awesome....if not fine too.... My heart will always want Lumi, I believe they are truly equal in every way imaginable.... but I can't take this version of Sami.....and since she's still a fictional character where the writing for her can change on a dime, I'll always look forward to some writer coming in with a wonderful idea that brings back the Sami we saw pre 2007....and for that matter bring me the Lucas we saw pre 2005.....a less judgemental, more grey, scheming, sarcastic and funny Lucas with a heart of gold and overwhelming love for those he cares about.
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