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Jun 18 2013, 03:09 PM
which demo again is the one that matters most?
For Daytime, the broad demo is W18-49 as a proxy for advertising rates (it's not perfect). It's also not that straight forward because advertisers will pay a further huge premium for W18-34. So the more stacked your 18-49 is towards 18-34 the more you can charge.

There is an advertising journal that publishes estimates for a commercial for prime time shows which illustrated this year very well with New Girl on FOX and NCIS on CBS. Both air on a Tuesday and NCIS will typiclaly get 16m-18m total viewers whilst New Girl will be lucky to get 4-5m (so NCIS is watched by roughly 3-4 many more people live + same day DVR). NCIS even beats New Girl in A18-49 by a 3.3 to about 2.5; but New Girl kicks NCIS in A18-34. A 30 second advert on NCIS is estimated to cost $166,000 but New Girl costs almost double at $321,000. That's because New Girl is stacked high in A18-34 and NCIS has virtually nobody under 35 watching.

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