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Jun 18 2013, 06:53 PM
Jun 16 2013, 07:35 PM
Jun 16 2013, 02:23 PM
After reading Nelson Branco's spoiler about a HUGE (bad) twist coming on a soap. I think I know what it is. Lauren killed the real Phyllis years ago. Shelia Carter has been living a pretty darn good life pretending to be Phyllis all these years. I think Shelia will become very sick (cancer?) and will decide to tell the truth (even on her deathbed, Shelia would brag about fooling everyone). That would also explain the rather unfriendly tweeting between Kimberlin Brown and Nelson Branco last week.

I know it's wild, but hey, stranger things have happened on soaps!
I don't believe not even half of what Nelson Branco has to say. He is a wanna be soap columnist and is hardly ever right. He claims to know so much but most of the time it is just things he wants to happen and not even things that might happen.
This is true. But in this case he is at least half right. Hunter King (Summer) said there will be many twist and turns in this paternity story. There is no way Phyllis would willingly leave Summer NOW. Even is something bad happened with Daniel or Lucy, she would leave take care of them and come right back. I really believe Phyllis is going to be killed off.
you think so? Well let's hope the paternity is out by the time she leaves because if not then summer will never know because the way it looks now Nick won't tell on his own. If anything even if Phyllis were to leave town she would take Summer with her but there's nothing about Summer leaving so it's gotta be something bigger.
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