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Jun 18 2013, 10:41 PM
Jun 18 2013, 06:56 PM
What struck me was Kristen says that she wouldn't do anything to Stefano's "precious Marlena," but Stefano shows no interest in her. Boneheaded writers.
The way the show is shaping up right now, and the fact that Stefano would even text Kristen that, makes me think that could change on a dime.

1) Kate and Stefano are done.
2) John and Marlena are done for now, and a mystery with Stefano/Kristen MAY be the only way to redeem John (IF the writers want to redeem him)
3) The show, though more grounded, has a 90's feel right now and I do not think that text or Kristen's response about "Precious Marlena" is random. I think it may be more of a signal that there is still something there for his "Queen". Why else should it be said, and why else should everyone be free right now.

John is gone. Winston is not Roman and I find it hard to believe they would be THAT stupid (though it was a stupid recast anyway). The ONLY recast that ever worked for Roman was Drake. Lightening doesn't strike twice.

I expect them to revisit Stefano and Marlena in some way in the fall. Mark it.
I agree. And the show does have a 90s feel. I especially felt it today.
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