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They can carry a story. They just need a good story in order to do it.

But it's ALWAYS better to have the cast involved...It doesn't pay for the characters to be "islanded" because it's boring if they're always on and that's the only story playing and nothing's going on with the rest of the cast.

This story's different.

This one has a lot of beats to it. It's involving a lot of the cast in one way or another. Look how they're drawing everyone in, even comatose Rafe, indirectly.

People at the hospital...that was the first wave. Kayla, Maxine, Marge Bernardi, Sami, EJ, Kate, Will. Sonny. Hope. Abe. Roman. Jennifer. Even Anne.

Now we switch locations and it's people at the police station. Some overlap there, but it's necessary. Sami. EJ. Abe. Roman. Hope. Marlena. Then they pull in Justin. Adrienne. Chad and Abby as of today. Everyone's heard about it. Sami's family's all gathered around. Brady and Eric are acting like family, concerned about Sami. Marlena HYPNOTIZED her today. She was using her skill as a doctor to do it. It's been ages since she was really seen in a professional capacity. Everyone in Salem's commenting on it, even if they're not directly involved. That gives the story a feeling of community. And the people who are SUPPOSED to be there are there...If they're not, we know why they're not.

I think that's why so many of us are interested, because they're pulling everyone in. They're giving everyone a reason to be involved...a reason to care, and they're giving them reasonable reactions and motivations.

I think TPTB are doing a very good job. I don't usually think that.

Maybe I have a fever.
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