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Haha. When you say it that way, yes it makes no sense. But besides that not so small detail, they really do have a good reading of each other.
I guess so... It is just hard to forget their very important history, which seems to have been completely brushed under the rug. Unless I missed it, I would love to have seen a Stefano/Kristen/Elvis scene where they tell EJ that Stefano dressed up like Elvis in order to get his mother Susan to comply with being artificially inseminated by him in order for her to impersonate Kristen and pass him (Elvis) off as Kristen and John's son.
The video's title is wrong. Stefano is recalling EJ going in, not coming out

Yea, exactly... Does Elvis know that's how he came to be? I think knowing that would drive anyone to drink. :drunk:
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