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when i see this list Even when try put my bias aside from being fan already

i never get why why it problem to write for lucas.lucas is horton which actor never been recast which been in role many years.most hortons male in show been recast lot.the show can created new hortons or recast actors but show can not created someone in role something like that take years.lucas still story in horton family since his unexplored relationship with father bill.i hate how was nick written in the baby story the only drama in story that nick could bring to stanger that dates gabi that nick his family they never been confrontion of lucas with nick what happen the person that willing to close door and make sure the bomp will not hurt sami and japaridze himself.i did not had problem for lucas did not confort nick alone the problem everybody else did.lucas it related to Nick. Lucas could involve the Hortons in the baby story in a way that Sami could not.

Lucas is directly effected by the entire situation with Will shooting EJ and was not really in baby story he was Lucas just kind of hangs around looking worried whileami and EJ trying to help Will despite Lucas is directly effected by it . and lucas did not even got to hold his grandchlid

the reveal of will shot ej not lucas and lucas was not even the room and since than
it feel like they try to sell lucas did bad thing going to jail instead of will.will had story that was lucas history repat at self and lucas nobody in story and most lucas talks with after find gabi baby daddy at the same talk with someone else

and lucas connections to the kiriakis family with victor was former step dad and close thing lucas had to father and his brother philp his kiriakis and maggie is lucas AA sponsor

lucas been so many years should not be angst someone pairings like ej or rafe or daniel which none of them being half time he was on the show.
if they want to write lucas real pairing with someone new without somethinh new they already in story other in law from hell and ex that see lucas as part of toys and lucas children.

days main stories are sami that lucas love of his life[at least for now]and mother and his chlidren and will his son and dannifer daniel the gone lucas fiance at the time and dated at least 2 from lucas family aside jennifer lucas sister and daniel treat lucas brother horrible and this without give lucas story at all he will not being force in these stories especially sami and will ones instead he being force out of them.

saying there nothing to write for lucas is shitty writing and pure bias writer.we seen when the writers want to write something they can force story like the egg baby and daniffer when nothing to write

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