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S loves EJ

I think they should writhe more for Lucas not because Iīm personally that interested (even if I like him now days Iīm not sure if itīs enough still I have enjoyed more characters besides EJ lately since the writhing been better so maybe I could enjoy Lucas with the right writhing), but I think itīs bad move not to writhe for him from a business point of view. I think the show should writhe for all fans since itīs best for the showīs survival. Just as I think the writhers made big mistakes with Ejami with having Sami shoot EJ and the Rafe2 storyline they also made mistakes by not writhing for Lucas and Lumi. I think it would have been most fair to all fans if Ejami and Lumi had gotten equally amount of time. I do think they should try to find a new love interest for Lucas but itīs easier said then done Iīm not so sure if itīs that easy to find someone that he has chemistry with, the only one that he has had chemistry with so far is Sami even if I think itīs more of friends than lovers kind of chemistry. Still I see the same problem with EJ though Ejamiīs chemistry is hard to replace with just any woman. Nicole is better suited for EJ than Sami since she is more accpepting of the Dimera busniess but Ejole lack something in the chemistry department.
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