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Jun 10 2013, 12:20 PM
LMAO. "Parker, I'll be right there". Nothing like ignoring your toddler when you're busy berating someone for ignoring your toddler.

I'm just now getting around to this episode, and this hypocrisy killed me. Daniel completely overreacted. Children are notorious for getting into things quickly and without adults being aware of it. Good Lord, I rode my big-wheel down the basement steps while my parents were chatting with their friends, and I had to go to the hospital for stitches. It has never once occurred to me to think of my parents as "irresponsible" because of it.

The whole thing rang so false because everyone made the same ridiculous big deal about it. It makes sense for Daniel to blow up because, after the MP3 player and train and car, this was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. But Jennifer and Abby's reactions made no sense. What would have made more sense would be for Daniel to overreact like he did, but Jennifer and Abby be more realistic about it. They should have been confused and questioned why he was so over-the-top angry with JJ. That would have been a good segue for Daniel to admit he suspects JJ trashed his car.

Another thing I didn't get: What "hell" has Daniel been through with Parker? Yes, he found out (wrongfully) that he wasn't his biological son, which was devastating, but then he tossed both him and Chloe out into the streets and was done with it. Next thing he "goes through" with Parker is finding out he IS his father and is not only welcomed into his life, but basically given full custody. Plus, the kid is adorable. How is that hellish? Obviously worse than being tortured in a cave in Afghanistan, because Abby expressed more anger and outrage over Daniel's "hell" than what her own father went through (before dying to safe her life, I mean).
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