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^ My face watching DAYS

Jun 19 2013, 12:14 PM
I really wish Days could get a partner soap. I mean how many out of work legendary soap actors are there? And it would be smart to bring in some Days actors who people want back but the show doesn't want or people that are "REALLY" killed off. Not to mention if its a new soap people can't really complain for days about "newbies." Days doing what they do without having a partner soap or even a DAYTIME LINEUP for years is just amazing. They're the the only soap that has to deal with this shit. A little help NBC??
This will never happen...not unless there is a HUGE increase in soaps viewership over the next decade.

I think the 4 that are here, will be around for awhile to be honest.

AMC/OLTL will not last long IMO online.
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