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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

National Enquirer Spoilers:

* Nick and Gabi make an important decisions about their marriage
* JJ meets a mysterious new girl
* Victor seriously questions Nicole's motives.
* Kristen narrowly avoids certain disaster
* Jennifer and JJ have a huge blowup

Updated 6/23

Monday ("Decision")
Sami is anxious to hear the outcome from the grand jury; Abigail has doubts about keeping Sami's secret; JJ gives Daniel a warning.

Tuesday ("Sami's Fate")
Sonny's friend wonders if he is making the right choice by staying with Will; Nick and Gabi reach a decision about their marriage.

Wednesday ("Jennifer Makes Choices")
Jennifer advises Daniel that they need time apart; JJ meets a girl who peaks his curiosity; Justin and EJ are concerned that Stefano is onto them.

Thursday ("Mother and Son Fight")
Jennifer loses it when she catches JJ with an older woman; Gabi shares her feelings to Abigail about her living situations.

Abigail encounters an awkward situation when she sees Cameron and Chad; Adrienne gets close to discovering something crucial.

Sami has an emotional run-in with Marge.
Will overhears Sonnyís conversation with his friend Brent
Eric suffers a relapse
Victor questions Nicoleís motives for working at the church
Justin informs EJ that thereís a hitch in his plan
Danielís investigation may lead to Kristenís undoing
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