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Whouffaldi <3

Cassandra's doctor telling his superior to back off his case, the chief of staff Angela Hubbard.

Angie is too emotionally involved. The patient is her daughter. Dr. Anders was right in stopping her from going into the room.

Today's episode was great.

RB and LH have chemistry. It is going to be great when Cara finally sees the real JR. She is going to feel like an idiot. :D I wished we got to see Oliver's picture.

Loved all of the Talk Tempo scenes.

Looking forward to more Dr. Anders/Dixie interaction.

Poor Cassandra. :'(

Liked Jesse thanking David. :)

Poor Jesse. He is in trouble. The look Angie shot him at the end. Uh oh!

BCT buying Cortland manor. Opal will not be happy about that.
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