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Jun 19 2013, 12:07 PM
Jun 19 2013, 10:12 AM
Can someone give a summary of what GM said in that interview?
Their current team of writers/etc know the cast and daytime greatly and know not just the characters, but the actors strengths.

They're taping so far ahead because of financial reasons. No one gets paid on dark weeks and he thinks they are too far ahead so next year when they break he wants to take a longer break to take a pause and catch up.

Asked about the most recent renewal he said he was thrilled about about it and NBC has been a great support and they feel like family. Names Bruce, Rebecca, etc.

Most exciting shows are yet to come, he's viewed all of them.

Asked about actors coming and going. He said the characters are still existing even when they aren't on the show. He said its a revolving door just like a real family.

Asked about Sheri Anderson's novels and if they will continue. He says no, but there's a book coming out in September about better living that you can look for on Amazon. He said there's going to be a 5 day book launch.
Thanks for the summary.

That is great to know that they realize they are so far ahead and are going to take a longer break soon.

I don't like the whole "characters exist, even though they are not on the show"....that to me = the shit we are seeing now with Bo.

The whole "limbo" thing if hurting the show IMO...and I don't want to see MORE of that.
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