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THE FINAL 3,000!! :cheers:

Just finished up the 8/1/01 cast & set list...that is episode # 9108. The episode that aired today is # 12108. That leaves just the most recent 3,000 episodes to finish up and finalize cast/set research!!! 9,108 down...3,000 to go

8/1/01: Belle, Brady, Caroline, Chloe, Colin, Grandpa Shawn, Hope, Jan, Jason, Jennifer, John, Lexie, Kevin, Mimi, Nancy, Paul, Philip, Shawn, Mr. Woods, Ms. Perez, Susan, Penelope, Isaac, JT, Elizabeth, Lisa, Boat Captain/Eduardo Rivas, Teen Girl # 1, Teen Girl # 2.
Sets: Boat Cabin, Boat Deck, Wesley Dining Room, Basketball Court, Brady Pub & Exterior, Ext. Pub/Ireland, Wesley House; ON LOCATION: Boat & Water with Coastline.
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