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Caroline manipulates Maya and Carter together

Some family is in a dirty conflict

An enemy publicly exposes someone's secret

Two couples face hard times

SNS Spoilers for The Week of July 1 - 5

Taylor disrupts the birthday party when she blurts out that Brooke had an affair with Bill.

Taylor and Eric have their first argument after she learns that he helped Brooke keep her secret.

Taylor defines the difference between her and Brooke and walks out.

Following Taylor's revelation, Katie viciously confronts Bill and Brooke.

Bill won't take all the blame for his actions.

Hope and Rick differ on Brooke's recent choices.

Liam doesn't get the answer from Steffy that he hoped for.

By the time Liam shows up at Rick's 4th of July party, Hope is clearly enjoying the company of "wild boy" Wyatt.

Caroline makes sure that Rick sees Maya and Carter's sexy film footage, which leads to Rick voicing his disapproval to Maya.

Maya sees a side of Rick she may not like.

COMING: Bill and Brooke fear what Katie might do.

• Hunter Tylo departs from "Bold & Beautiful" this week as Taylor, a part she has played, with a three-year hiatus, since 1990. Tylo, who was unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the series, makes her final appearance on Wednesday, July 3.

Titles and Previews

Monday ("Secret")
A secret is disclosed that ruins Brooke's birthday celebration; Caroline puts her next plan into motion.

Tuesday ("Brooke's Actions")
Rick and Hope differ on Brooke's recent choices; Bill won't take all the blame for his actions.

Wednesday ("Bump in the Relationship")
Taylor and Eric hit a snag in their blissful relationship; Katie goes on a rampage.

Thursday ("Reaching Out")
Liam is taken aback by Steffy's explanation; Wyatt gets to know the Forrester Creations staff.

Friday ("Consequenses")
Liam learns that someone else is interested in Hope; Rick tells Maya that he is unimpressed with her latest job.

Preview week of July 1st

At Brooke’s b-day party, “a seething Taylor” decides it’s the perfect time to blab to everyone about Brooke and Bill’s secrets. McCook says when he read the script; he couldn’t believe they allowed Taylor to out Brooke in front of everyone. There’s going to be a big fallout after Taylor’s bombshell. Eric demands to know how she got the information and points out that she crossed moral and professional lines to get the goods on Brooke.

Rick and Hope find themselves at odds as do Bill and Katie.

Liam reaches out to Steffy to find out why she left him.

Wyatt becomes better acquainted with Hope and the crew at Forrester.

Liam discovers the consequences of keeping Hope in limbo

Daily Spoilers week of July 1st

7/1, A newly revealed secret causes trouble at Brooke's party; Caroline improves her plan to separate Maya and Rick.

7/2, Rick and Hope disagree about Brooke's recent actions; Bill tries to push some blame for what he has done onto Katie.

7/3, Taylor and Eric hit a rough spot in their relationship; Katie tries to get information about Bill and Brooke.

7/4, Liam asks Steffy why she left; Wyatt gets to know the Forrester Creations crew better.

7/5, Liam learns making Hope wait left an opening for another man to express interest; Rick expresses displeasure about Maya's latest job.

TV Guide Previews

7/1 - A long-kept secret is revealed and wreaks havoc at Brooke's birthday party; Caroline fine tunes her latest scheme to get Maya away from Rick.

7/2 - Rick and Hope disagree about whether Brooke's recent actions are justified; Bill refuses to accept total responsibility for what he's done and points partial blame at Katie.

7/3 - Taylor and Eric's relationship hits a bump in the road; Katie's anger gets the best of her as she attempts to get answers regarding Bill and Brooke's interactions.

7/4 - Liam reaches out to Steffy to find out why she left and is stunned by her response; Wyatt becomes better acquainted with the crew from Forrester Creations.

7/5 - Liam learns the consequences of making Hope wait when there is another man interested in her; Rick lets Maya know that he's not happy with her latest acting job.
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