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July 3, issue

I will try to summarize as much as I can since I don't have time to type the whole article.

Sami finally has the amnio. Sami, Lucas, and Marlena are shocked to find out at the sonogram she is having twins. It's bittersweet for Sami, but also a legacy since her mom is a twin, she's a twin, and now she is having twins.

Marlena offers to do a "Sami" and switch the results for her to make Lucas the dad but Sami can't go through it. She doesn't want to live a lie, and wants to know the truth.

Meanwhile, Kate finds out from Billie about the whole Chelsea, Nick hairbrush debacle and blackmails Nick into making sure that amnio show EJ is the father. Nick doesn't do that, and he does produce a false report showing EJ is the father.

Marlena finds out the results and tells Sami who is devastated. Lucas still choses to stand by her, and his her knight in shining armor when he protects her. They are now at safe house to keep them safe from the DiMeras.

Nick can't live with what he does, and actually runs the real test, to find out the truth once for all.

Second Chances

The rest of the SOD spoilers:

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