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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

S loves EJ
Jun 20 2013, 08:28 AM
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I think "scheme" includes one or both of EJami using sneaky tactics to get what they want: using Stefano to get the evidence, using Lucas to break in the police station, EJ plotting to take DE, etc. They don't have to do everything together, but they are each okay with what the other is doing.
but the majority of all those ideas were Sami's ideas....Ej even tried to initially talk her out of going to Stefano for help but she was hell bent....IDK...I just don't think that Ejami together equals Sami going back to scheming...Sami can scheme on her own, with others, or with Ej....so the dynamic isn't particular exclusive to EJami and I know we suffered some on that angle with Safe being together, but even with them together, Sami schemed to keep Syd away from Ej.....

Ejami came up with the idea to get rid of the evidence against Will while they were in bed together. I know Lumi schemed together while they were in the storage room but that was to help their son, I donīt think he is that keen on scheming otherwise. He didnīt like it now either since he said he was out. I know Lucas use to scheme but Iīm not sure if he can get back to that since they changed his character to a more good character. As for Rafe it was times when he was showned not to like Sami scheming. In other words I think EJ loves scheming Sami best while the other two prefers good Sami, and thatīs why he is the best match for her plus Ejamiīs Chemistry.
Yeah, many people forget that Lucas was the initial schemer...but you know, he got burned by it and he learned from that....IDK about Lucas not being able to scheme....I know what the writers have written and recently I know he backed off with the excuse that he didn't want to go back to jail and they had a daughter to think about....but just a few months back when he went to visit Sami at DImansion when she moved Allie in without telling him....Sami told him that she was going to go to Stefano for help with Will....and he then said that they could go back and try to get the evidence instead of her going through Stefano's contacts....SHE was the one that told him that his initial thought of staying out of it was right...she agreed with him and he then agreed that Stefano's crooked connections with the SPD might help....you see it's not so cut and dry....
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