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S loves EJ

Jun 20 2013, 09:10 AM
Jun 20 2013, 08:55 AM
If EJ was acting like a Dimera, Sami wouldn't be with him. It's such a turn off for her. Look at how she treats his sister and Kristen is being a Dimera and herself, albeit the über cray cray version.
Exactly and that to me is the failure of the couple.....in every sense of the word...for all intents and purposes....Sami loved Lucas even though he was Kate's son....she couldn't help it....albeit...she didn't have the Dimera link but she was still bad back then....

Even though I´m an Ejami fan I´m a littöle concern that Ejami would make EJ good and boring since I love bad EJ, I haven´t been bored with Ejami yet though so far have I enjoyed them. Sami hasn´t accepted EJ´s bad side in the past because of their bad history but I think the writers is working towards fixing that and have Ejami scheme together. Anyway I can see Sami accepting and loving a milder version of bad EJ like him blackmailing someone but not putting out a hit on someone. I don´t think Sami will ever be a mafiawife. Still I´m not sure if I want EJ running around killing people it might be time for him to be less bad but still a little bad.
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