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Jun 20 2013, 09:43 AM
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Idk why it matters but I'm definitely under the impression that James may be the biggest ejami shipper in the world. He's not a writer though so that really has nothing to do with EJ. I don't have an issue with the writing for ejami. I have an issue with the writing for EJ.
They all ship their pairings with AS...it's obvious....they all know what's going on...pair themselves up with her and they get airtime...pair themselves up with others...and they might not...it's that simple.
I don't think airtime is actually the reason JS wanted Ejami written as a couple. If you look at his epi count though the first few months of this year, his airtime has actually been reduced since Ejami became a couple. Personally, I think he wanted Ejami written as a couple because (a) it was something different and a story that was unfulfilled to that point, and (b) he feels like EJ and Sami mesh well because they both have a good side and bad side.
His airtime starting around last fall was reduced significantly....I'm starting to think that his guarantee was bumped down an episode or so.....and it would only make sense that he thought that with AS he can get more airtime...IDK....to me it's just the same with all of Sami's men...why isn't GG trying to promote whatever is happening with the CS character and Rafe? Why is BD so vocal always about Lumi...IMHO I think it has to do with the fact that they know their chances of getting 'story' is greater with Sami...whatever story that is....the chance is more....

I'm not saying that he didn't want Ejami, I agree that he probably wanted the story to be told, just like AS did....and it would be something new that he could play....I get that...but I think it has a lot to do with AS and how they have more chances for airtime/story with her....obviously the story can be shit but that's another thing....
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