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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Jun 20 2013, 07:31 AM
Jun 20 2013, 07:19 AM
Honestly, I'm not really sure how James could know EJ anyway. The character has been changed through so many different writing regimes from the beginning that he really doesn't even have a foundation to work with. I think he's probably like a lot of us in that he just has a preferred version. I'm just surprised at what his preferred version appears to be.
I agree that he can't know about Ej because Ej has no solid foundation. Seven years of leading and heavy pimping and he has no real background and no real character skeleton. So I understand why he doesn't know Ej. But to be fair Blake Berris tries to meld his history to form a character that makes sense. James doesn't even try.

Also he doesn't know Sami either. When he talks about who she is and her motivation it never connects to the essense of the character. Its the same as when JS talks about Stefano and Nicole. I absolutely hate when he talks about Stefano. Its like he is talking about a character i haven't spent decades watching. He just makes up who these vet characters are and they never match.

He has no clue.
Defining a 'true' character is completely subjective. I consider myself a life long Sami fan and based on your comments I can guarantee we disagree on who the 'real' Sami is. Does that make my opinion more or less accurate than yours? No - but it is what it is.

I do think the actors at least have the advantage of being able to discuss character motivations with directors/writers/TPTB and with one another so to a large degree I'd say they have a better take on their character's motivations or true core than you or I do. You may not agree with their choices but they have to work within the confines of the writing and direction and go from there. I think JS has done a commendable job of finding ways to continue to make EJ a popular love to love/love to hate character despite the wayward writing he's had to deal with over the years.

I agree with Lysie's point that it's a bit surprising that JS seems to prefer the current version of EJ over all others but part of me thinks Tom was right in that his overall upbeat attitude probably has more to do with the overall writing for the show as a whole. He mentioned in the interview he did for DR that he's really enjoying the scripts and thinks this is just really good 'soap' (I'm paraphrasing him - I hope accurately) and I definitely agree with that. It's been years since I've enjoyed the overall show as much as I have been for the past several weeks. And that seems to be the case for many people whether they ship a particular couple or not. In fact, I'm pretty pumped about the fact that I'm enjoying the show this much even though my favorite pairing isn't featured as heavily as they have been - both together and separately - for the past several years.

My personal preference would be to see EJ's dark side ramped up a bit. For example, I thought his reaction to Sami being attacked was too mild. He should have been losing his shit or at the very least putting one of the DiMera insiders on the case to sniff out who was responsible. But I can only guess they've decided to focus on writing EJ as being solely focused on saving and supporting Sami at all costs and key on the drama that he's still ambivalent about why she reacted as she did to protect Rafe in the first place. It's not the focus I would prefer they give him but I can deal. We're still seeing EJ's tendencies such as motioning Sami to keep quiet about having a possible motive to kill Bernardi while she was talking to Justin (which will no doubt come back to bite them in the ass hard) and to react so vehemently with Chad and Abigail about the video.

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