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Jun 20 2013, 07:19 AM
Honestly, I'm not really sure how James could know EJ anyway. The character has been changed through so many different writing regimes from the beginning that he really doesn't even have a foundation to work with. I think he's probably like a lot of us in that he just has a preferred version. I'm just surprised at what his preferred version appears to be.
Well I would prefer this version of EJ over the one who choked Nicole. I know he said in interviews that he didn't understand that either or care for it. Even though its so out of character for EJ, I think JS is probably enjoying a little stability that the writers have given EJ. He is in a relationship and doing something besides plotting against Sami or trying to keep a secret from Sami. I know I am glad not to be seeing the same back and forth crap we have dealt with the last 7 years.

Does EJ need to get a little dirty? Yes! But, I also think it can happen against others and not strictly Sami, Rafe or the Bradys. I just want a break from the triangle from hell for at least a few more months.
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