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My reaction to current Y&R ...

Jun 20 2013, 10:09 AM
Jun 20 2013, 10:00 AM
Jun 20 2013, 09:56 AM
Jun 13 2013, 11:37 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deepSorry but no. It's clear you're just here to hate on anyone who is a Logan, which is fine. But face fact, Steffy is a skank much like her mother.

When Hope and Liam were engaged, Stefy didn't respect their relationship yet the moment she got Hope's engagement ring she demanded that her relationship and engagement be respect? Yeah, she's a two-faced skank who is as hypocritical as her whore-faced mother. AND took Liam out on the night before he wedding to Hope.
Hate to break it to you, but Hope is just as much of a skank like her mother, Brooke Logan is. It is rich that Taylor is a skank, why because she slept with available men and did not have to resort to sleeping with her family members like her SIL, daughter boy friend, and now her BIL. At least when Taylor got with any of the men, they were single and not involve with someone or married. If Steffy is a two face skank then what does that make Hope now, dancing on the grave of a dead baby to capitalize on the lost that Liam and Steffy are going through just so she could get booby prize or her property back since Hope only see Liam as a property. Now Brooke is going to ask Katie to keep the secret about Steffy not being able to conceive because Taylor nor Liam has the right to know the real reason Steffy left. So she can concot another idiotic and meddling plan to ensure that Hope gets Liam at all cost and Hope is going to be championing her mother cause (might I add she has no clue about Steffy not being able to conceive) so not her fault, but still championing another ambush cause to get Liam without letting the poor man the time to grief. I don't even like Liam, but man so much for Hope willing to wait and letting Liam grieve and process it all. I can't wait for Taylor to find the truth about Brill and out the both of them. Then Katie will have her eyes open about her own skanky ass sister who would bang anything that walks. She is also still asking Eric and Donna to do her a pathetic favor, keep her secret so she won't be known as the slut of the valley. Brooke may have married into the Forrester and have children by Forrester men, but you can't buy class and Brooke will always be a slut a slut who sleep her way through family members, and when she sleep with them they are not even single, but either in a relationship or married.
No she just had to kill the other woman in order to get the man. Remember Darla? She was sure quick to get with Thorne after that... and if it wasn't murder, she used drugs to get the man (Ridge) WHEN HE WAS WITH BROOKE. So yes, she does take taken men. Taylor is a hypocritical slut whore who slept with Brooke's father, brother and son. And her daughter is a cheap tramp who goes after any man that shows interest in Hope. Two nasty skanky hypocrites.
Darla was an accident. Taylor never slept with Storm and I watched from the very begining. Last I check Rick was single and Brooke's father was single. I have to laugh my ass off how Taylor and Steffy are the skanks, but Hope and Brooke are not skanks. If you look up the word skank and slut in the urban dictionary, Brooke's name will be plaster all over it. Let's not forget that Katie also slept with Nick when he was involve with Bridget. Hope was a conception in which Brooke had an affair with her daughter (Bridget) husband (Deacon). Brooke had a miscarriage this time because she slept with her brother in law, the crowning glory of Brooke's nice. For the first few years of Bridget life, Bridget was Ridge because skanky Brooke slept with her son in law while married to Eric. When Brooke was pregnant with Hope, Whip pretended to be her baby dad and with the recent miscarriage, she was begging Eric to be her baby daddy. She got involve with Thorne while he was engaged and married to Macy. Slept with Nick in the fountain minutes after finding Ridge was dead, such grief the women had. I am effing glad Ridge dumped this piece of trash, she belongs in the dumpster like the trash she is. No one is more skanky then to get involve with her mother's first love.
Yeah an accident the bitch covered up. And sex with Storm was definitely implied, nevertheless she's slept with generations of men in families... but only Brooke gets chastised for that. I laugh my ass off when somehow Steffy is NOT a skank. It seriously boggles the mind. Taylor, ok she's just a mess of a human being who needs serious therapy. All angry because she's a useless loser that Ridge didn't want, but you better believe Steffy is a skank slut. Glad the bitch is gone, though she'll show back up I'm sure like the bad rash she has from being who she is. If there is a competition between Steffy and Hope as to who is the most skanky, Steffy wins out. Oh look, the loser actually beat a Logan in something! Cool.
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