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Jun 20 2013, 10:19 AM
Jun 20 2013, 10:14 AM
Jun 20 2013, 10:03 AM
If it was alright for Steffy to go after Liam when he was with Hope, which majority of those fans thought was alright, why is it not okay for Hope to go after Liam?
I don't hear a loud chorus where it was ok for Steffy to go after Liam in the begininng, but yet it is ok for Hope to go after Liam now that Steam lost their baby and now that Steffy and Liam are both grieving, but Hope can only think about herself, being robbed and getting back what she thinks is hers. Double standard much. Now Brooke will be complicit in hiding the truth from Taylor and Liam on the real reason Steffy left if Katie goes along with another of Brooke's plan to benefit her family and daughter. Interesting you are a Shick fan, when Cassie died tragically were you cheering on for Phick when nasty ass Phyllis swoop in like a vulture when Nick was grieving, feeling guilty and both Shick were grieving and having a hard time getting over the lost of their child Cassie (even though Nicholas was just a step father, he was a father in every way that count). Phick affair was digusting, but maybe I should have been cheering instead beacuse what Hope is doing is not that much different. :D
I heard the loud chorus. Fans of Steffy on other boards LOVED it, oh hell yes. It was okay from the start and somehow it was all Hope's fault. Yes it was Hope's fault she got trapped in a gondola. Shick/Phick is completely different. Sharon didn't dump Nick after Cassie died like Steffy just did with Liam. Although I'm surprised as a Steffy fan, you weren't cheering for Phyllis and Phick back then :blulaugh: :drunk:
Hate to break it to you, but I am not a Steffy fan at all. I am just a fan of the show in general. Never said that Steffy wasn't a skank I was saying that Taylor in my book wasn't, but if Taylor is a skank in your book then so is Hope. Why would I be cheering for Phick when I was a Shick fan, but I no longer support Shick, they are damage good. I prefer Sharon with someone worthy of her and Nick is not it. In the current storyline, Hope is in the wrong, fans of Hope can spin it however they want, but Hope is wrong. Who said it is her fault she got trapped in a gondola. I have no problem acknowleding the wrong acts fo these crazy characters that Brad Bell writes.
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