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S loves EJ
Jun 20 2013, 10:27 AM
Jun 20 2013, 10:16 AM
Jun 20 2013, 07:19 AM
Honestly, I'm not really sure how James could know EJ anyway. The character has been changed through so many different writing regimes from the beginning that he really doesn't even have a foundation to work with. I think he's probably like a lot of us in that he just has a preferred version. I'm just surprised at what his preferred version appears to be.
Well I would prefer this version of EJ over the one who choked Nicole. I know he said in interviews that he didn't understand that either or care for it. Even though its so out of character for EJ, I think JS is probably enjoying a little stability that the writers have given EJ. He is in a relationship and doing something besides plotting against Sami or trying to keep a secret from Sami. I know I am glad not to be seeing the same back and forth crap we have dealt with the last 7 years.

Does EJ need to get a little dirty? Yes! But, I also think it can happen against others and not strictly Sami, Rafe or the Bradys. I just want a break from the triangle from hell for at least a few more months.

EJ trying to choke Nicole was that when he found out the truth about Sydney, he grabbed her neck then but it didnīt look like he was trying to choke her. Anyway I like that the current version of EJ seems happy, he has been smiling a lot especially with Sami in bed. He seemed unhappy when married to Nicole 2009.
It's true he seemed unhappy with Nicole in 2009 but in late 2011 after the whole Tayho thing, the relationship between EJ and Nicole seemed more real than anything that has involved Ejami. Nicole is the one who truly understands and accepts Ej and this is coming from someone who hated Nicole during 2008-2009 because she seemed so desperate to get Ej's love.

That being said, I am wanting to see how they develop the relationship between Ericole. Eric needs to start accepting Nicole for who she is for this "relationship" to ever work, if it even starts offically.
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