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Jun 20 2013, 02:20 PM
He only got with Steffy when schemes/manipulations caused him to, or because she got pregnant.
Pregnancy is no reason for a man to stay with a woman these days. Liam stayed with Steffy because he wanted to and not because of the kid. Today, the legal system gives a man every right to his child as if he were married to the mother. Hope is the more pathetic when she ran to the man and tell him to dump his wife now that she is not pregnant. My gosh, she didn't give the man time to grieve the lost of his child. To me that's a sign of desperation and immaturity.
Hope is the most pathetic in my book, the man lost his child and he is griefing over the lost and the lost of his wife, and all Hope can think about is, this is her time with Liam. Her mother plans another ambush getaway and yet Hope is excited about it. These two are positively an occult if you ask me. Only someone like Hope would think a tragedy and accident that Steam suffer is her get out of jail free card to chase a man who is still married. I am not a Lope fan, but I want them together since they are sooooooo in love together, these two do not need to infect any other character. I feel sorry for Wyatt, he will be used and disgarded by Hope, but not before Brooke accidentally sleeps with him again. She does have a lot of accidents. :blulaugh:
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