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My reaction to current Y&R ...

Jun 20 2013, 02:19 PM
Jun 20 2013, 12:38 PM
Jun 20 2013, 10:56 AM
What self-respecting woman keeps running back to a man who chooses another woman over her more than two times?
STEFFY!!! lmao

The same applies to Hope who is always stating how she was robbed and blah blah blah.

Jun 20 2013, 10:48 AM
I must say that this board is much more entertaining than the real show. Brad Bell should come and visit.

I do agree at some point that Hope shouldn't run to Liam right away. Let him grief. No matter what I will still stay a Hope fan. People are too quick to jump on her. I guess we all should agree to disagree.

One couple that is really irritating me is Rick/Maya. I just don't get this couple. I am not rooting for them one bit. I must say that Caroline has fast become a favorite of mine. She is not as boring as she used to be.

I can agree to disagree, but the reaction that people have for Hope are justify and rightfully so. When you see her say the stuff she does with no filter and showing how insensitive she is. She keeps on saying how she is not bashing Steffy, but if she look in the mirror she is no better than Steffy in the past and is bashing her. Steam losing the baby is about her chance wiht Liam. I believe it was a day after Steam lost their unborn baby where Hope was kissing on him and telling him she love him, who does that. It is not even about Liam or Steffy pain and lost, it is about Hope and how she was robbed. The baby dying it insigificant in comparison to how she was robbed of a life to Hope, Earth to Hope get a life. You are not all that special. The world does not resolve around you, but since she has Brooke for a mother, I can see why she turn out the way she did. Only Bridget escaped Brooke.


I can't stand Rick or Maya, I wish they would fall off the face of the earth...hahaha.

Jun 20 2013, 01:23 PM
Jun 20 2013, 01:00 PM
Jun 20 2013, 12:38 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deepWhat self-respecting woman keeps running back to a man who chooses another woman over her more than two times?
I think that would be Hope.
how many times has the wishy washy man choose Steffy over her?
Here is why I dont think Hope is mature enough:
1. the man she wants is wishy washy and cannot make a choice
2. the man chooses another woman over her time and time again.

If she was grown up, then she would not be chasing after an idiot who cannot decide if he wants Steffy or Hope.
I would say to Hope - dump him already and cut your losses.
And how many times has he crawled back to the woman he wants (Hope)? Many times, and Steffy the pathetic one has hung around/chased after him each time. She is way more pathetic. At least Liam actually wanted Hope. He only got with Steffy when schemes/manipulations caused him to, or because she got pregnant.

I didn't see him crawling back to Hope this time, I saw Hope actively pursuing Liam during his grief of losing the baby and the lost of his wife. When Italy gate happen I did not see LIam going back to Hope, but returning to Steffy. When Steam was reconnecting on the sofa, I saw Hope face and head plaster in the fire, very creepy. When Rick lie was expose Liam jumping to reunite with Hope, she needed to Rick help to manipulate Liam to come back to Hope. Brooke having no confidence that Liam will choose Hope had to orchestrate an ambush wedding and now she is doing it with the help of Hope to get him to big bear. Those two are positively an occult. LOL.
You'll see him pining again for Hope once Wyatt enters. Let's face it, Hope is his #1. Steffy is the pregnant default no one wanted.
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