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Jun 20 2013, 05:26 PM
Liam/Hope/Steffy has to be the worst, most boring love triangle on the soaps in years, for the simple reason that Liam is not worth 2 women fighting over him.
Now Wyatt on the other hand................if I found Darin Brooks naked in the woods of Big Bear and I was Hope or Steffy..........Liam would be out of my mind ASAP.

It is one of the worst storyline ever, nothing appealing about a waffler, but yet Hope and Steffy fans fight over him. :lol: I agree with you about DB...now that is some eye candy. :D

Jun 20 2013, 06:02 PM
Jun 20 2013, 04:52 PM
Jun 20 2013, 03:35 PM
Jun 20 2013, 02:19 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deepWhat self-respecting woman keeps running back to a man who chooses another woman over her more than two times?
And the same applies to Steffy.

Never said that it didn't apply to Steffy, but you seem to be under the misassumption that only Steffy is patethic and Hope isn't. I don't play these kinds of games where fanbase chew each other out saying who is more pathetic than who :lol:. Hey if you prefer that, ok that is on you. Both women are pathetic, but right now Hope has Steffy beat. Only a sick and demonic women would think a dead child is her ticket to Liam.

Jun 20 2013, 03:35 PM
Jun 20 2013, 02:19 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deepWhat self-respecting woman keeps running back to a man who chooses another woman over her more than two times?People are too quick to jump on her.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mte4EYCNPjsWhat self-respecting woman keeps running back to a man who chooses another woman over her more than two times?LOL,
I think that would be Hope.
how many times has the wishy washy man choose Steffy over her?
Here is why I dont think Hope is mature enough:
1. the man she wants is wishy washy and cannot make a choice
2. the man chooses another woman over her time and time again.

If she was grown up, then she would not be chasing after an idiot who cannot decide if he wants Steffy or Hope.
I would say to Hope - dump him already and cut your losses.
You'll see him pining again for Hope once Wyatt enters. Let's face it, Hope is his #1. Steffy is the pregnant default no one wanted.

I think it is laughable that Hope fans still consider her being number one in Liam heart, he is a waffler through and through. You must have missed the interview where Brad Bell said told SC that Liam is the love the one you are with guy. He told SC to play it that way and that is basically what he did. He does not love either one more than the other. If Hope is his number #1 than I feel sorry for her because Liam does not treat her any better than he treats Steffy. In fact he treats her worst. It is like women who is in a polygamist marriage or in a harrem who believes that the husband or the king loves her more than the other wives or girls. Right, and yet Hope only got Liam this time because Steffy gifted her to Liam. It wasn't Liam choosing Hope outright, Steffy left him, told him to be with Hope and told Hope to be there for Liam. Sorry, but I fail to see the logic in how Steffy is the default girl that noone wanted, but yet Hope is his number one. :lol: So Liam will pine for Hope when she is with Wyatt, but I bet when Liam does get back with Hope and Wyatt is out of the picture and Steffy comes back, he will be pining away for her too. :lol: So go ahead reclaim the booby prize that is Liam, I rather stick to a real man, but only real men are Carter, Marcus, Justine, Thomas and the never seen Thorne, but I am sure all these males will be further ruin by the writing and pen of Brad Bell.
It's funny Steffy fans deny what we've seen on screen :blulaugh: He always chooses Hope when schemes are out of the way.

I am not a Steffy fan, I could give two shit about Steffy, Liam, and Hope or Steam or Lope. But in this kiddy storyline Hope is currently in the wrong. Last I check, Steffy did not scheme to get Liam the last time she got involve with him. Hope dumped him remember, she said his love was not good enough. Liam repeatedly tried to get her back, but Hope would not move. He eventually move on with Steffy, no manipulation or scheme, Hope dumped him, he moved on. When Italygate failed to bring Liam back to Hope because he went back to Steffy. Rick and Othello lie came out, she latched on to that. She went on and on about being robbed. Hey if you believe that Liam loves Hope more than Steffy than more power to you, but I don't think he loves any girl more than the other, he is the love the one you are with girl because he does not treat any of the girls better than the other. I hope you get Lope because I don't want them infecting anybody else or my viewing of the show.
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