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Jun 20 2013, 08:59 PM
Jun 20 2013, 08:56 PM
Honestly, I don't want Will and Sonny separated or away from Arianna. Send Gabi to jail and then have Will and Sonny leave Salem with Arianna together.
I want Sonny to stick around. No sense in getting rid of Sonny, who has the potential to have a lot of story, Will or not, just because Chandler wants to leave.
I agree.

If anything, Sonny to me is the most interesting out of the younger characters right now. The past few months Days has done a much better job showing Sonny as his own character and Freddie has done and incredible job and has really stepped up his game. Will or no Will, there is so much story that can be done with Sonny. To me he's had more of a role than Will the past few months any way and I see Sonny as more of key player compared to Will. The show can simply recast Will, if Chandler is leaving. Yes, Chandler is a great actor and has two emmy's to prove it. But that doesn't mean another actor can't come in and do just as good of a job in his own style.

This show needs to hang onto any core younger actors they can that fans are interested in. Sonny to me seems like the main one left they need to hang onto. Him along with Nick. Of course this is all a mute point if Chandler sticks around but I don't get the feeling he is.
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