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Jun 20 2013, 08:38 PM
Honestly I hope they kill Chad.
Most of Stefano's kids die.

Megan Hathaway
Renee Dumonde
Benji Hawk
Antony DiMera
Alexandra Carver

Elvis DiMera
Kristen Blake
Peter Blake

A dead Chad wouldn't be a bad thing. A heroic post-coital death might be fun. After playing romantic roulette with Salem's trio of sex-starved ingenues (Gabriella, Melanie, Abigail), he finally beds Salem's Oldest Living Virgin, smiles, heads out to get some takeout, and saves someone (Theo?) from getting hit by a car or being shot in a robbery attempt at the Pub.

That would give Abigail some angst as yet another important man in her life meets his doom. She heads for the nunnery or goes full wacko.

I hate recasts and there really isn't much reason to keep Chad Peterson Woods DiMera around.

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